Home Pest Control

Having pests in your home can frustrating and hazardous to your health. Prevention is the first step in home pest control. The following tips will help to keep your home safe and pest free.

home pest control

1. Food Storage

Keep food sealed in packages or containers. Remove crumbs and debris from your counters, tables, floors including cracks and crevices. Keep stored pet food in sealed bags or containers. Don’t leave your animals uneaten food out for long periods of time. Food particles that are left untouched will attract insects.

2. Eliminate Moisture

Look for areas of excess moisture nears sinks showers, bath tubes, hot water tanks, laundry rooms, air conditioning units. Regularly clean your gutters and down spouts. Moist areas provide the ideal breeding grounds for insects.

3. Storage Areas

Interior and exterior storage areas such as attics, basements, garages and wood piles can be a perfect breeding and feeding area for insects. Store items in plastic air tight bins. Avoid using boxes for storage as they can be come moist and provide a good home and food for insects. Cover up your wood piles to help keep them dry.

4. Plug Holes

Insects can get in your home through the smallest of spaces. Be sure to seal any potential entry places around electrical conduits, pipes, windows and doors. Foam sealant provides a quick and easy, inexpensive fix. Weather stripping around doors and windows is not only energy efficient but it will help to keep insects out.

5. Pesticides

Store harmful pesticides out of reach of children and animals. Read labels and use pesticides sparingly and wisely in order to avoid harmful results to humans and animals.  Whenever possible search for environmentally friendly options before using pesticides.

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