Pest Control For Ants

Pest control for ants can sometimes be done on your own without calling a professional. If the nest is hidden in the walls of your home or others areas that you cannot get at you may want to consider calling a pest control specialist.

How An Ant Colony Works

A group of ants is called a colony. A colony may have up to a million members. Each antcolony has ants with different roles and responsibilities. Each colony has one queen that lays the eggs. Swarmers have wings, they are responsible for mating and creating the colony. The rest of the ants are workers who are responsible for getting food for the group.

Ants nests are usually hard to find as they are often hidden behind walls, doors, furniture, appliances and inside cabinets.  The only way to eliminate an ant colony is to kill the queen. Killing the workers will only slow the colony down.

How To Identify Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large black or dark brown insects with three body segments and six legs.  They have bent antennae.  The worker ants are wingless and the reproductive ants have wings.  Carpenter ants build their nest in wood and are often found in and around homes.  One telltale sign you have carpenter ants in your home is when you see a pile of wood shavings known as frass near a hole in wood.  You may find frass near walls, hollow doors, cabinets, beams and structural wood.  They especially like places where the wood is damp.

Tips To Help Prevent Carpenter Ants From Entering Your Home

The following tips will help to keep your home ant proof.

1.  Remove anything that could potential be a good breeding ground for carpenter ants.  You’ll want to keep your floors clean and fix any leaky faucets that could dampen wood.  Remove any clutter that would make a good shelter for carpenter ants.

2.  Make sure your home is well sealed.  Use caulking and seal your foundation as well as cracks around doors, windows and potential areas where ants could get into your home.  Ensure your windows and doors have screens that are in good condition.

3.  Remove debris from around the exterior of your home.  Cut tree any limbs that are hanging over your home.  Remove weeds, leaves, wood piles and other debris that is close the home.

4.  Clean up water leaks and crumbs.  Ants require sugar, protein and a water to survive.  Keep food and sugar securely stored.  Clean up food, crumbs and water spills.

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